what we do

Extraordinary Spatial Performance combines design and digital projection in architecture, interiors, and the public realm to transform spaces and the built environment.

From reception areas to stadiums, we work at all scales. Every wall, floor, ceiling and surface is capable of being digitally active. Our interventions invite engagement and participation across the widest spectrum of users, occupiers, and owners of spaces and businesses.

project sectors

  • retail
  • hotels + hospitality
  • bars + restaurants
  • transport + infrastructure
  • sport + fitness
  • commercial + real estate
  • museums + education
  • entertainment + leisure
  • public information
  • public realm
  • way finding
  • digital art

how we do it

Through the creative pairing of digital technology and architecture we are creating new ways to increase engagement and productivity. ESP is also measurable, data driven and makes your space or building achieve more.

When ESP is deployed in a space, it engages, delights, informs, entertains and captivates. Our digital presence creates atmosphere and intrigue; every surface, object and person are potential participants.

When ESP is at rest, the space returns to its original state, leaving no trace, with no dead screens or blank displays. The floors, ceilings, and other areas where our digital content once touched, return to a neutral surface. This means multiple functionality for spaces, for example a meeting room in the week and a restaurant at the weekend; the lobby of an office by day and the reception of a restaurant by night.

Our interventions create a digitised interior, through the use of the latest laser projectors and other imaging technologies. We can transform the functionality and atmosphere of a space, and this can be altered and updated for campaigns or seasons of the year, throughout a building’s life. Interior renovations are required to reorganise, restore and improve spaces, but can be static and inflexible and a ‘one-off’ way to refresh and restyle. ESP interventions are dynamic and alive, always capable of being updated and delivering a different message, contents or story. ESP truly brings interior spaces to life and increases flexibility and potential, making your spaces work harder.


  • digital projections + installations
  • motion content + animation
  • film + CGI generated fly-throughs
  • projection mapping
  • video + film production
  • audio + music soundtrack creation
  • interactive exhibits + installations
  • interactive analytics
  • measure shopper + audience behaviour
  • interior architecture
  • events + pop-up external projections



extraordinary spatial performance

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